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  • I was now able to update firmware as you finally - over 6 months after I asked - have given access to the old PC desktop software version. p.s. I can't understand why you were unwilling to help me 6 months ago, both here and in email, as the only…
  • If you have any further issues please do take up our offer to support you one-to-one. It was noted that we tried to reach out to you last year but you were unwilling to be contacted directly which makes it hard to ensure you get the best support fro…
  • I didn't answer that email because I already gave that information you asked in first post of this thread. Model: USB Gen 1 Firmware: 0.2.1 Desktop application: 2.4.1 for Windows
  • Any news about this? Current desktop software is completely unusable as it works only for 10 seconds. If you can't fix this, could you at least allow download of older versions which work better?
  • I havn't really used 1ms interval, I usually use 10ms. I guess that with 1ms measurement interval and 1ms timestamps, small timing errors could cause duplicate values (24,26,26 instead of 24,25,26). But gap from 26 to 35 seems strange, perhaps a b…
  • For column 1 to work properly, you need to connect the logger to software on PC/Mac at least once, to set correct time. Otherwise I'd expect column 1 to just count time in milliseconds but not be proper Unix Timestamp.
  • Column 1 is Unix Timestamp (time elapsed since 1st Jan 1970) but in milliseconds. I've never seen it to not increment. btw, I've created a small web-page to convert log to other formats (only works with relatively short snippets, what can be copy-p…
  • Logfile saved to SD card is just normal textfile. If you can't open it, that is probably because newlines are not those used by Mac and your text editor doesn't understand it. You could try using another text editor which understands different newl…