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  • Hi Markus,

    The reason for this specific request for email correspondence is that we were keen to collect more information on your specific setup as our extensive testing was unable to trace the exact reason for your issue while also ensur…

  • Hello Markus,

    Your firmware has been noted as a very very early version which may require you to first update to Version 1.00 using the old Desktop software (still available for download) on a Windows platform before then running the new …

  • Hello,

    We have since updated the firmware to improve 1ms stability. While it isn't a default option the Log4.USB and Log4.PoE now include a CUSTOM sampling rate option to set the logging rate below 5ms.

    The improvements to timing …

  • The Tektyte Forum and website have now been moved to a new server and while there are some small links missing we will have all data migrated over the next two days.

  • Hi Todd,

    There is a new manual coming in the next two weeks but essentially the L stands for logging as you rightly guessed. You shouldn't have to guess and we apologise for the delay in getting this updated documentation out to all custo…

  • Hi Scott,

    Did you resolve this issue? What platform were you running at the time?

    Later posts appear to indicate that you had some success with the USB connection. Please let me know if you require further assistance.


  • Hello,

    The 1ms interval on SD card doesn't work reliably on all SD cards dependent on the display mode of the logger. We have found that 5ms appear to be stable and more recently we have updated the firmware build to allow for slightly fa…

  • Hi Scott,

    We have just migrated the whole site and forum to a new host and will be checking the links to the desktop software over the next two days. I will post an updated when the website download link is updated.

    Kind Regards,<…