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So I can get a mac to talk, most of the time, to the Log4.USB and save the results. But I can log without my Mac, so then how do I read it? I looked at the SD card, and it doesn't show up (weird format for a PC?). I'd like to set this up and retrieve the log at a later time.


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    Logfile saved to SD card is just normal textfile. If you can't open it, that is probably because newlines are not those used by Mac and your text editor doesn't understand it.

    You could try using another text editor which understands different newlines. (I don't use Mac so I can't recommend any text editor.)
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    Yes but... Column 1 is what? Column 2 looks like current in uA, column 3 is voltage in mV. When column1 doesn't increment, does that mean what?
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    Column 1 is Unix Timestamp (time elapsed since 1st Jan 1970) but in milliseconds. I've never seen it to not increment.

    btw, I've created a small web-page to convert log to other formats (only works with relatively short snippets, what can be copy-pasted to webpage):
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    For column 1 to work properly, you need to connect the logger to software on PC/Mac at least once, to set correct time. Otherwise I'd expect column 1 to just count time in milliseconds but not be proper Unix Timestamp.
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    Thanks for the info!
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    My trace has almost all increment of column 1, but there are in the list differences of 0 and of more than 1 as well. example below:

    1506699492522 113500 4992
    1506699492523 114300 4993
    1506699492524 113400 4991
    1506699492526 113400 4991
    1506699492526 112700 4991
    1506699492535 112000 4991
    1506699492536 112800 4991
    1506699492537 115400 4991
    1506699492538 115400 4991
    1506699492539 118700 4990
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    I havn't really used 1ms interval, I usually use 10ms.

    I guess that with 1ms measurement interval and 1ms timestamps, small timing errors could cause duplicate values (24,26,26 instead of 24,25,26).

    But gap from 26 to 35 seems strange, perhaps a bug where logger is unable to get 1000 measurements per second?
  • Hello,

    The 1ms interval on SD card doesn't work reliably on all SD cards dependent on the display mode of the logger. We have found that 5ms appear to be stable and more recently we have updated the firmware build to allow for slightly faster SD card access again.

    We are continuing to review the DMA implementation of the SD Card read/write and will release another patch if we can further improve the speed of SD access.

    The higher read speeds tend to choke up the Desktop software visualization system below 5ms dependent on the PC you run the analyser on.

    For now it is recommended to run at 5ms until the next firmware update is pushed and then trial at 2ms.

    Kind Regards,
    Tektyte Admin

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