MRAA is a C/C++ library that is used to access the advanced functionality of the Intel Edison GPIO pins. More general information can be found on the official website/documentation:

The library package is installed by default in the official Intel Edison Yocto Linux image. However, what is less clear is how to update the existing MRAA library on an Edison.

Verifying and updating MRAA is installed

Verifying the MRAA library package is installed on an Edison is done via the following console commands:

opkg list-installed | grep libmraa

This command will display all packages beginning with “libmraa” that are currently installed, as well as their version number.

To check whether the installed version of MRAA is the latest version can be done as follows:

  • Update the list of packages:

    opkg update
  • Display all libmraa packages available, including those installed and those on package repositories

    opkg list | grep libmraa
  • Upgrade the existing libmraa library to a newer version

    opkg install libmraa0

    Note: this will update to the latest version, only if you have updated the opkg list prior.