MIDI on the Intel Edison


Most USB MIDI devices recognised as USB modules on the Edison can be accessed directly (without additional configuration) by ALSA.

The following ALSA commands can be used to probe for MIDI devices

amidi -l        \\ List MIDI devices by name
aconnect -i -o  \\ List MIDI input/output devices

MIDI over Serial

The Serial/UART bus on the Raspberry-Pi header theoretically should be capable of interfacing as a MIDI device on the Edison.


ttymidi is an existing package that was originally developed for interfacing Arduino serial communications as MIDI. More information can be found here: http://www.varal.org/ttymidi/

Installing ttymidi

  1. Download the ttymidi tarball: http://www.varal.org/ttymidi/ttymidi.tar.gz

  2. Modify the Makefile to link the pthread library with the line:

    gcc src/ttymidi.c -o ttymidi -lasound -lpthread

    (instead of just gcc src/ttymidi.c -o ttymidi -lasound)

  3. Unzip and copy folder to Edison (over SSH etc)

  4. Navigate to directory on Edison and run ‘make’

  5. Copy “ttymidi” to /usr/bin/

  6. Change permissions to read-write etc for “ttymidi”