The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) library package is installed by default in the official Intel Edison Yocto Linux image. However, one very useful library asound is missing from this installation.

An unofficial repository by Alex T includes a version of ALSA that includes the asound library.

The Alex T Repository

To use the Alex T repository, the Edison has to be configurated to point to this repository. Alex T’s configuration instructions (found here: are as follows:

  1. Navigate to ‘’/etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf’‘

  2. Add in the lines:

    src/gz all
    src/gz edison
    src/gz core2-32

Now, upon running the console command

opkg update

The package repositories should be updated to include the Alex T repository.

Installing ALSA

After including the Alex T repository, the existing ALSA libraries on the Edison can be upgraded via the following console command

opkg install alsa

The script “” will still many many more ALSA libraries, including the asound library.

Useful ALSA commands

Some useful ALSA console commands:

aplay -D sysdefault:CARD=<name> <filename>      // Play wavfile <filename> using soundcard <name>
aplay -l                                        // List all ALSA cards and devices with names
cat /proc/asound/cards                          // List all ALSA soundcards
alsamixer                                       // GUI for ALSA Mixer
aconnect -i -o                                  // List all available MIDI inputs and outputs