Getting Started

Hardware Setup

The Edi-Sound requires an Intel Edison Compute module to function. The Edison module should be mounted on the Edi-Sound board over the “EDISON COMPUTE MODULE” label. The Edi-Sound board requires a 5VDC power supply connected to the “DC IN” port. The Edi-Sound R02 requires a minimum of 600mA.

For the Edi-Sound R02 board, the following headers also need to connected as follows:

  • P5: Use jumpers to connect pins 1-2,3-4,5-6,7-8.

    This will configure the USB I2S Bridge to output digital audio as standard I2S, which is compatible with the UDA1380 codec.

  • P7: Use jumpers to connect pins 1-2,3-4,5-6,7-8,9-10.

    This will connect the I2S bus and clock signals between the USB I2S bridge and UDA1380 codec.

  • Use jumper cables to connect the Edison I2C bus to the UDA1380 I2C bus:

    • P1 pin 3 - P7 pin 13
    • P1 pin 5 - P7 pin 11

Software Setup