The Edi-Sound is a powerful new development platform which helps people to explore all of the audio capabilities of the Intel Edison Compute module via the use of familiar analog audio hardware. Additionally, an IO header of a Raspberry-Pi and SD-Card is also available for additional flexibility.


Changelog (Hardware)


(2015.10.07 - Winston)

  • UART1 TX and RX lines are not connected to the Raspberry-Pi header in the PCB design. In order to allow for UART functionality, hardware modifications have been made to place these lines onto the Raspberry-Pi header. As collateral damange, the UART2 lines have been disconnected from the FTDI, resulting in the COM port currently unable for use.

(2015.09.07 - Winston)

  • The USB I2S Bridge IC reset was tied to the Intel Edison reset in an incorrect hardware configuration and has hardware modified to disable external reset on the USB I2S Bridge.