Ethernet Usage Guide

Network Connectivity on the Intel Edison

There are several prerequisites for establishment of working network connections on the Intel Edison.

  • The network connection must not be blocked by RFKill. Ensure that this is the case using:

    rfkill list
  • The relevant network interface must be enabled. This can be checked using:


    Network interfaces may also be set to enabled or disabled states (denoted ‘up’ and ‘down’) using the ifconfig command. For example, to enable Ethernet interface 0 (eth0) and disable WiFi interface 0 (wlan0), use:

    ifconfig -ieth0 up
    ifconfig -iwlan0 down
  • To use multiple simultaneous network connections (eg. simultaneous WiFi and Ethernet connections), the connection manager service (connman) must be running. This may be started once using:

    systemctl start connman

    To set connman to run on startup, use:

    systemctl enable connman

    Note that starting the connection manager will disconnect the Edison from the current WiFi network. The instructions below describe how to reconnect using connman.

Connecting to a Wired Network

After setting up the hardware and software as described in the Running a Script On Startup section, these steps must be run each time the Edison is rebooted. They may be added to a startup script if desired.

  1. Initialise the SMSC drivers manually using:

    depmod -a
  2. Enable the Ethernet network interface using:

    ifconfig eth0 up

    If multiple Ethernet interfaces are needed (ie. other Ethernet adaptors are attached to the Edi-Expand through the USB ports), initialise eth1, eth2 etc in the same way.

  3. Start the connection manager using:

    systemctl start connman
  4. If a WiFi is required in addition to Ethernet, get a list of connman services using:

    connman services

    Then connect to the WiFi network using:

    connman  wifi_xxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_managed_psk

    (replacing the ‘x’s with the code discovered from the previous step)

  5. Obtain IP addresses for Ethernet and WiFi using:

    udhcpc -ieth0
    udhcpc -iwlan0

    The Edi-Expand is now connected to the network through both Ethernet and WiFi connections. Each interface has a different IP address on the network; to view all IP addresses assigned to this Edison’s network interfaces, use:

    ip a