Logging to PC

Log4 measurements can be viewed through the Log4 Analyser Desktop application.

Connecting Log4.PoE with Log4 Analyser

  • Connect the Log4 device to PC, then open the Log4 Analyser Fig. 40.
Log4 Analyser Main Window

Fig. 88 Log4 Analyser Main Window

  • After waiting a few seconds, the Device Status will change to “Connected”(Fig. 41).
Log4 Analyser on establishing connection with device

Fig. 89 Log4 Analyser on establishing connection with device

Log4 Analyser functionalities

Table below gives the breakdown summary of the Analyser functionalities (Fig. 41).

Table 7 Log4 Analyser breakdown
1 Start/Stop Start or Stop monitoring the measurements
2 File Tab
  • Open: Open Readings inside a CSV file
  • Save: Save current readings inside a CSV file
  • Exit: Close Application
3 Tools Tab
  • Battery Life Estimator Tool (See below)
  • Device Details: Specifications of the current linked device
  • Sampling Rate: Changing Sampling Rate of device
  • (5ms, 10ms, 100ms, 1s, 1min, 1hr)
  • Simulation Mode: This mode simulates what the screen looks like with incoming measurements
4 View Tab Enable/Disable Cursors. There are two available cursors, they can be used to track information at particular time
5 Help Tab Link to Tektyte online documentation website.
6 Terminate Stop the measurements
7 Clear Clear previously stored data
8 Device Status Connect/Disconnect the device
9 COM port selection Select the communication port
10 Primary Channel selection Select the channel to monitor
11 Power Range slider Adjust the main monitor viewing range. Slide right to zoom out, slide left to zoom in.
12 Show Negative Values on the Main Monitor Show/hide negative values on the main monitor
13 Auto Range the Main Monitor Graph to fit to screen Let the Analyser adjust the main monitor viewing range automatically
14 Power measurements Graph showing power measurements statistics
15 Voltage Measurements Graph showing voltage measurements statistics
16 Current Measurements Graph showing current measurements statistics
17 Resistance Measurements Graph showing resistance measurements statistics
18 Energy Measurements Graph showing energy measurements statistics
19 Cursor Statistics Showing time and power measured at cursors
20 Power Statistics Showing the mean, minimum, maximum, median, standard deviation and variance values of the power measurements for a short period
21 Long Term Statistics Showing the mean, minimum and maximum values of the power measurements for a long period
22 Distribution Histogram Showing the statistics distribution of the measurements selected to monitor
23 Main Monitor Showing the graph of the selected measurements(Power, Voltage, Current, Resistance or Energy)

Cursor and Battery Life Estimator Tool

One of Log4 Analyser’s special feature is its ability to estimate battery life time, given current power consumptions. To get the estimated battery life, we need to first set up two cursors, these will become the reference information for the battery life estimator.

  • Go to View -> Cursors -> Enable Cursor 0 or Cursor 1. This will activate both cursors on the main monitor (Fig. 42). Drag them left or right to select the duration.
Log4 Analyser with cursors enabled

Fig. 90 Log4 Analyser with cursors enabled

  • Then go to Tools -> Battery monitor. See Table 4 for a breakdown of the Battery Life Estimator Tool (Fig. 43).
Battery Life Estimator Tool

Fig. 91 Battery Life Estimator Tool

Table 8 Battery Life Estimator Tool breakdown
1 Time This displays the time stamp of the activated cursors. Time Delta represents the difference between the start and end cursor.
2 Current The total and average current of the selected time duration is displayed here.
3 Battery Type
For the battery selection, user can choose between Primary or Secondary Battery.
Here are the available models:
  • AA, Primary, Alkaline, 2500
  • AAA, Primary, Alkaline, 1000
  • CR2032, Primary, Alkaline, 1000
  • 9-Volt, Secondary, NiMH, 300
  • LiPo Cell, Secondary, Lithium Polymer, 2000
The Custom Value text field allows the change of Battery Capacity in mAh.
4 Derating This is the % of battery capacity loss over its life time
5 Estimated Battery Life Estimated Battery Life from current conditions

Firmware Update

(This function is only available on Windows OS)

  • Make sure the Log4 device is connected to the PC via micro USB cable.
  • Open Log4 Analyser Application.
  • Go to Tools -> Device Details (Fig. 44).
Device Details window

Fig. 92 Device Details window

  • Click on Update Firmware.
Log4.USB update ready state

Fig. 93 Log4.USB update ready state

  • Follow the on-screen instructions (Fig. 45), then click ok. Following screens should come up subsequently (Fig. 46).
Updating Firmware
Updating Firmware

Fig. 95 Updating Firmware

  • It should take around 2-3min for the device to update firmware.
  • Once the update is complete, a pop up screen should come up. Press the reset button as instructed.
Log4.PoE update ready state

Fig. 96 Figure 43 Upload success message

  • Click on OK to complete update.